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Please click here for a copy of the KC Capital New Client Checklist.

<br/>KC Capital Advisors Process<br data-mce-bogus="1">

KC Capital Advisors Process

Our process begins with the discovery phase, then moves into the next phases of analysis, recommendations, and implementation. This is an ongoing process that is monitored and adjusted with your changing needs and goals and the economic environment.

Step 1: <br/>Discovery

Step 1:

The discovery phase begins with the client gathering the information requested on the New Client Checklist. Once you have collected all of the items on the Checklist, we will then complete the KC Capital Fact Finder together over the phone or via Zoom prior to our first in person meeting. We rely upon this information as an accurate assessment of your current financial details and goals in order to provide a go forward plan of action.

Step 2:<br/>Analysis

Step 2:

This is where we will be evaluating the details of your Fact Finder. We will reach out to you with any clarifying questions or requests for additional information as needed. This process will occur in the KC Capital back office as we organize your information and begin to filter out investment options to present at our next meeting.

Step 3: <br/>Presentation &#38; Recommendation<br/>

Step 3:
Presentation & Recommendation

The go forward vision will be presented where various investment options will be discussed as potential vehicles that can be used to achieve your personal financial needs and goals. No two clients will be alike in that regard, and each recommendation is tailored to the details you provided in the KC Capital Fact Finder.

Step 4: <br/>Implementation<br/><br data-mce-bogus="1">

Step 4:

This is largely a “behind the scenes” process that begins after the client relationship has been established and the investment vehicle(s) have been chosen. This is when accounts are built, and, if applicable, assets are transferred. This process will typically range from 1 – 3 months depending upon the unique details of each individual portfolio.

Step 5: <br/>Monitoring &#38; Adjustments<br/><br data-mce-bogus="1">

Step 5:
Monitoring & Adjustments

The typical client relationship will require an annual review. This is where goals are reevaluated, updates are made, and potential adjustments to the portfolio and investment plan are assessed. Change within a client’s portfolio is as common as change in life itself. This is why clear communication and a strong service commitment are necessary from your independent advisor.